Serving Right Content on your Portal

Choosing a Content system will be a mammoth task to any Organization.   A additional requirement of Portal can make things much more difficult.   To make matters worse there have been buyouts, consolidation of the products.   CMS Comparison papers and websites  may leave IT manager confused on where and how to start.

Some Companies have been successful in implementing portals for personalization and content management systems to store their content.  Until now the above came with huge cost and effort. New products and improvements in Portal and Content Systems provide every IT manager look for different options.  Listed below are some tips

  • Make sure what your Company or Client wants.  Whether its a Content system or Portal or  a simple web application.  Of late several Portals have built in some features of Content Management and vise-verca.
  • Do not make huge investments.  With new standards and API’s ( JSR’s and JCR) it will not be difficult to migrate content.  Try open source alternatives first in a small way and then narrow down to a product
  • With in content system make sure whether the requirement is to store Web Content or Documents (Enterprise Content).  There are leaders in each of this category

There are great open source alternatives such as Alfresco for ECM, Magnolia / Droopal for WCM and LifeRay for Portals.  If the company is thin on IT go with simple easy to use products such as MOSS.   Either way start something small and do a small proof of concept or a mini project before taking a plunge into world of CMS and Portals.

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    1. Of-late Web Content Management (WCM) systems have become popular because it provides non-IT users a tool to create, manage and publish content. It makes your publishing cycle smaller, faster and less dependant on IT guys.

      I guess they also call for due attention.


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