Delivery with Competency

Last few years I have seen Companies coming up with different delivery models and frameworks.  Some have factories, competencies and COE supporting them.Few of these models have worked and some have remained in the Presentations to age along.

Lot of clients, captives still feel pressure of Project / Program Delivery due to  issues such as

Competent resources
Resource Attrition
Poor Project Management
Lack of Technical / Architecture skills

One of the successful ways to address these issues is to have a shared model or a competency model.  The Competency model helps in terms of scaling up and technical agility. Competency team can support multiple projects and technologies.  Competency would help a project which needs expertise, provide best practices and also keeps project on schedule.

Setting up of a Competency does not come easy.  It requires thought leadership with investments with focus on emerging technologies, R&D and constant training.   Competency in itself will be a SWAT team helping Projects at right time.  Comptency or COE is best explained by Madhusudan Rao my colleague

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