Do you know what your CEO wants??

Recession, Downturn has forced several Organizations to rethink there IT spending and make sure Business gets all the help they need.     In my experience I have seen instances where CIO / CTO / Architects / IT Managers

  • Spend majority of implementation time on business process engineering only to realize that the ERP solution which they purchased needs millions of dollars of customizations.
  • Taking years building frameworks or standards which gets out dated everytime its used.
  • Choosing products which are so expensive and which needs consultants to do any implementation
  • Jump on to bleeding edge solutions where there is no need and no expertise.   At one of my clients as part of SOA implementation the team ended up hooking up two systems with all sorts of web services only to realize the two applications are hosted in same data center next to each other.
  • Start building a data center when there is a lack of infrastructure, unix / web administrators

 These mis steps can be avoided if  CIO/CTO & IT managers are tech savvy and look at alternatives are a snapshot of options listed below

  • Make sure there are Open source alternatives for the business issues.  There are already  ERP/CRM, IT service desk systems which  are comparable to product suites.  SugarCRM, Compiere, ofBiz, OpenTaps and IT service desk systems such as OTRS are few
  • Go in for a SAS model instead of building an infrastructure and having teams to manage your IT operations.  For example Google,, Zoho offer several applications which can help your Organization
  • Buy against build.  Try out products before you start building your own application or system and once again check out on Opensource
  • Start Simple.  Do not go with big bang approaches for your SOA, Content / Portal solutions.  Try with in, use simple integration approaches such as Spring Integration, Mule, Content solutions such as Alfresco, Magnolia, LifeRay are few
  • In House vs Out Source.  Instead of building an application try to out source it, check out what free lancers can provide.  elance is an excellent site for companies 

In short this is what CEO wants from his IT leaders.  The IT leadership which can think out of box and make sure business needs

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