What next for Google

Google, Facebook and Amazon are leaders in their own area.  Now each one wants to venture into new business or expand into areas.   Google is trying to get into sweet spot of Facebook using several means such as enhancing orkut, google me, buzz etc.  

What Should Google do now

Goolge is a leader with its maps, youtube and android.  It should continue on path of innovation

  • Improve the search capabilites
  • Keep the market share slipping away to Bing
  • Collate the reviews of the products such as google products
  • Move forward with Google voice
  • Make sure Chrome becomes an alternate OS

Challenge Facebook by acquistions such as

  • Linkedin which connects professionals and has potential to grow
  • Craigslist which is a network of online community
  • Look at acquiring twitter

Unlike search, Social networking is connecting individuals and groups.  Google should look at in interest areas where these individuals connect.  Also look at buying out eBay which brings them into a auction business and stare at Amazon.

Google should be hardware agnostic and should stop becoming a hardware vendor such as rebranding HTC phones, Chrome laptops.  Innovation should be the priority rather than managing helpdesk for these products.  I invite all of  reader community comments


  1. Why does Google not concentrate on Enterprises? Dont know why this is the case?

    What is their strategy to derisk their dependency on the search (Ad) revenues?

    I feel they might be on the path of Yahoo few years down the line, if they dont think about other avenues.


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