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Mantra – How to be a successful MSP

Managed Services are the next wave for Companies who are looking to  wrap up their implementation.  Most of the Companies who have standardized on their core products now are looking for managed services partner MSP who can provide stable support at a predefined cost.  Signing up for a MSP provides a coverage guarantee of predefined services and KPI’s

For a provider who provides MSP the challenge is to provide  excellent service at low cost.  The provider has to be innovative and adopt repeatable process, best tools and practices to make sure they can provide TCO to their clients.   Here are few tips to be a successful MSP

  • Proper Services Agreement in place.  The agreement should have Terms, payments, coverage hours, exclusions, standards, response and resolution, liabilities, confidentiality agreement.
  • Have Problem Management, Incident Management systems in place.  Leave no stones unturned to make sure your staff gets alerted for severity tickets.
  • Major business flow needs to be displayed across the floor.  L2 support can be resolved quickly if functional users are aware of the process ticket resolution will be quicker.
  • Reward the team for building successful knowledge base.  If team member adds a repeatable problem or solution reward him.  This will make sure your knowledge base is robust enough to resolve majority of issues at L1 or help desk level.
  • All Managed services have 4 major phases such as initiation, transition, stabilization and Improvement.  As part of ROI, MSP should help clients in suggesting modernization, transformation, integration and/or performance as part of Improvement.

These basic steps will take a MSP to be a partner of a client.  Follow this mantra for successful relationship


Srini is a IT leader with around 20 years of experience. As VP at TechM Srini is responsible for Digital Transformation, Technology solutions and Applications / Product delivery across Europe for fortune 500 companies with a strong team of around 2000. Srini started his career in Oracle. He served in various roles such as Enterprise Architect, Technical Manager for Oracle public sector consulting and as Technical Director of Oracle OU Global business solutions. As a Technical Director at IRI Srini was responsible for Market Knowledge Data Warehouse Product and he led a global team responsible for Architecture and Delivery of Retail analytics. As a Chief Technology Advisor at City of Chicago, he directed Enterprise Architecture, Application Development / Support and IT Strategy. Currently as Unit head at TechM he is working on Digital Transformation, Product / Application Development and manages a Business Unit. Srini's management expertise spans Digital consulting, leading global teams, IT Strategy, Portfolio Management, Managed Services and IT Process Improvements. He holds a bachelors degree in Engineering from Bangalore University followed by a Masters from University of Texas. More details about Srini can be viewed at Srini can be reached on his Cell at 91-9986103633 or by email at

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