About Srini

srini_kumar Profile of Srini

Srini Kumar is a IT Leader with 20 years of experience having entrepreneurial spirit and a track record of driving Transformation and managing IT delivery for fortune 500 clients.  A technologist in background Srini Kumar has helped in driving growth with Innovation and Digital Transformation with use of Cloud strategy, Big Data, DevOps, Business process improvements and ITSM.

Srini started his career in Oracle where he worked in various roles Technology roles such as Enterprise Architect, Technical Manager in Performance Architecture group and as a Technical Director in OUGBS.  As Technical Director at Infores.com Srini was responsible for product engineering and led a team in Market analysis product development.  As Strategy Advisor @ City of Chicago Srini was responsible for Technology office, strategy across 38 departments.  On return to India Srini joined erstwhile Satyam and headed their SOA and Java Competency.  Currently at TechM Srini is working with fortune 500 clients on niche product delivery, Digital Transformation, DevOps and Automation initiatives across Europe.  Srini is an Innovation Mentor for Europe spearheading innovation across all strategic accounts.
Srini expertise spans IT strategy, Technology leadership, Digital transformation and Enterprise architecture.  He holds a bachelors degree in Engineering and Masters from University of Texas.

More details about Srini can be viewed at http://www.linkedin.com/in/srinikumar.  Srini can be reached on his Cell at 91-9986103633 or by email at sriniwork@yahoo.com.

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