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Paradigm shift in Business Analytics

In recent days there has been a paradigm shift in Business Analytics with Search engines, Hadoop, Big Data and so on…What happened to BI solutions we used.  Why did HP by Autonomy or Oracle buy Endeca?.  Why did Oracle announce appliance using Hadoop?

DW professionals have grown up with Kimball and Inom approach for DW solutions.   Product vendors started with tools which can help in Dimensional modeling, creating data marts, data warehouses. With data growing Companies spruced their hardware and came up with hardware based solutions such as Neteeza, Greenplum and Exadata.  All these hardware solutions can handle huge workloads and make things move much faster.   With social networking, explosion of mobile the data is not any more in a single format.  Now the data can be a an audio file, e-mail, document or image.  Traditional Data warehousing design may not be helpful in analysis of available data. That;s where industries are looking at different approach in mining these data and provide Users with result set in seconds.

Unstructured data has made Business Analytic s to rely on different technologies, hardware, data structure and search engines which can save and provide the information in a way which makes analysis easier.  Companies have started building platforms and solutions to address the above need using Hadoop for fast analysis of unstructured and structured data.

Hadoop is a open source framework for running distributed applications to process large amount of data by allowing users to write parallel code.  Can scale linearly with addition of hardware and gracefully handle failures in hardware.  Hadoop was a sub / sub project of Lucene.  This blog will continue with samples and usages of Hadoop…