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Still Cloudy?

Now with Cloud computing the latest IT buzz,  Companies want to make sure they invest right and end up with returns. Though Cloud computing is making rounds Companies have to plan before they jump into that bandwagon.  Some of the factors are

  • Need for Cloud.   Why are they opting for Cloud.   Will it be better than a hosting solution?  Does it help them Self Service or will it help them to charge others for pay by use.
  • Choosing a Cloud.  There are several cloud vendors but most of them serve their niche areas.  For example Amazon ec2 is one of the best of Infrastructure Cloud.  Similarly Azure for MS and its weave of products.    CIO’s should be very clear on what they are looking for and what skills they have.  For example Google cloud requires some basic knowledge of python
  • Type of Cloud:  Based on the business model companies need to understand whether they should opt for a public cloud or private cloud or a community cloud.

CIO’s should start understanding basic factors driving Cloud such as

  • Scaling your apps or infrastructure
  • Pay by use or subscription
  • Self service (without system / db admins)
  • programmability (easy access to build apps)

Based on the findings Companies can start with baby steps.

  • Start with a due diligence study to understand the requirement
  • Use PAAS or IAAS as a start
  • Slowly move applications to a Private Cloud as need dictates.
  • Understand security concerns and try the same on a public cloud.

Two good references to start on cloud computing are infoworld deep dive on cloud computing and Demystifying the cloud by Janakiram MSV .