Team Work at best – Cool Runnings

Several of us would have sat through a seminar or meeting which HR has organized about Team Work.  We would have a renowned speaker or a Management consultant walk us through slides and exercises about Team building.  Lot of these might help the way we perceive the team and how we work, I still feel we could do something better where things remain engraved in our minds.

I was recently watching an old movie “Cool Runnings”.   It’s a fictional comedy and I have watched this movie quite a few times.   The movie  depicts several facets of Team Work.    The movie is about a relatively unknown Jamaican Team  participating  in Winter Olympics at Canada.   

The movie revolves on Team bonding and motivation.   Similar to a project which has a an architect, QA, Driving of bobsled involves 4 individuals a pilot, a brakeman and 2 pushers.  As in projects small errors have significant impact on the course and the time taken.  The movie also dwells on motivation.  How the team members motivate each other to make sure they are part of the Winter Olympics.   Above all the team makes sure that they reach the end point with their broken sledge.

Though this is a fictional movie, I guess making it part of HR Seminar or team building exercises would go a long way.  Personally it would be engraved in each team members mind on how when they work together they can achieve impossible odds such as a Jamaican team in Winter Olympics